Educational Grants

The Gwaii Trust Society Board places a strong priority on assisting high school, post-secondary and mature students in their educational goals.  The Gwaii Trust Board note that trades are equally valued when pursing post-secondary opportunities, and encourage all students to apply.

High School Bursary

In 2006 the Gwaii Trust Society made a commitment to the high schools on Haida Gwaii to establish bursary disbursements on an annual basis.  Based on the criteria developed by the High School Scholarship Committee (consisting of a Gwaii Trust representative, principal, parents, and teachers), students are eligible for a bursary that ranges from a minimum of $300 to a maximum of $3000

Youth Leadership Award

In 2013, the Gwaii Trust Youth Board created the Youth Leadership Awards. Each year the Trust awards $1,000.00 ($500 each) to go to two deserving students for their outstanding leadership within their school or community. 

Post-Secondary Institution Tours Grant

The Gwaii Trust Society established the Post-Secondary Institution Tours for local high school students on Haida Gwaii to experience post-secondary institutions off-island prior to graduating from grade twelve.

School Food Grant

In 2011 the Gwaii Trust Society established a School Food Grant for all schools on Haida Gwaii. Its main focus is about making nutritious and culturally appropriate food accessible to all children.  

Continuing Education Grant

The Continuing Education Grant was developed to encourage all Haida Gwaii residents’ access to educational opportunities, both on and off Haida Gwaii, and is open to all residents of Haida Gwaii.

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