The Gwaii Trust Society owns and manages a perpetual trust fund for the benefit of all residents of Haida Gwaii. The fund generates investmemt income and the Society distributes part of that income every year through a variety of grant programs. 


To ensure a sustainable Islands community we must plan and manage our own development in ways that reflect our cultural and environmental uniqueness.

The Gwaii Trust offers us an opportunity to pursue fundamental economic and social transition. The lack of some of the most basic community infrastructure demands immediate attention. The pursuit of a sustainable community requires us to address and implement responsible stewardship.

The Gwaii Trust offers us an opportunity not readily available to the rest of the world. As individuals we may choose to act together for the common good of our Islands community.

Quality of life is an essential issue. As we make the Islands community a better place to live in, we make it a more desirable place to visit and to conduct business.

The Gwaii Trust Society values and believes in:

  • fairness and equity
  • effective communication
  • willingness to change
  • building and demonstrating trust
  • an holistic approach to a healthy Islands community
  • consensuses decision-making
  • a Trust Fund in perpetuity
  • credibility
  • collaborative problem solving


In delivering its business plan the Gwaii Trust Society will:

  • follow the constitution and bylaws
  • communicate effectively with Island communities
  • provide effective guidance to communities on proposal preparation
  • maintain a strong financial management plan that respects its investment policy and is reviewed on a regular basis
  • encourage all Islands participation in the Gwaii Trust and its programs
  • set consistent criteria for each program
  • be guided by principles of fairness and equity
  • emphasize programs that will lead to the vision of an Islands community
  • follow policies and criteria developed by the Board of Directors
  • listen to and consider public input
  • not replace or duplicate existing government programs
  • encourage partnering with existing programs or agencies to maximize benefits to the Islands
  • continue to refine its programs and operations
  • attempt to maximize the available funding


The Gwaii Trust Society is registered as a non-profit Society to maximize tax exemption for the Trust. In addition, the Gwaii Trust Society will research the possibility of becoming designated as a charitable status organization.


This Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures ("the Statement") has been written in order to assist the Board of Directors of the Gwaii Trust Society ("the Board") in establishing the investment procedures and guidelines for the investment of the assets of the Gwaii Trust Society ("the Society") and in monitoring and evaluating the investment performance achieved on such assets.

The Board of Directors has delegated the authority to oversee the investments and governance of the assets of the Gwaii Trust Society to an Executive Committee.  However such Executive Committee is only empowered to make recommendations to the Board of Directors, unless an expressive authority has been delegated, in writing, by the Board of Directors.

This Statement contains:

  • Investment policies and procedures of the Society established by the Board.
  • Guidelines to be followed by the Society's Investment Manager(s) that are consistent with the investment policies and objectives established by the Board for the Society;
  • Investment performance objectives and other criteria to be used by the Board to review and evaluate the investment results of the Society's Investment Manager(s).

It is anticipated that the current investment policy will be reviewed regularly  



Strategic Planning Highlights

“During the Trust’s 2013 planning sessions, the GTS Board reaffirmed Youth and Economic Development as the main priorities in a re-examination of the Trust’s 5 year business plan. 

The Directors further agreed to add Haida Language as a third priority.  While the Trust has always leaned favourably on language applications, Directors felt it was time to formally prioritize the Haida language as a direct reflection of the communities urgency to support this important aspect of cultural diversification.”


For more information please contact the Chief Operations Officer.

PO Box 588
Massett, Haida Gwaii BC
V0T 1M0

(250) 626-3654 (Old Massett Office)
(250) 559-8883 (Skidegate Office)