Boards and Committees

Arts Committee

The Arts Committee is responsible for recommendations to the Gwaii Trust board on all matters pertaining to arts policies and procedures, and project approval under the Arts program.  The committee consists of members of the Gwaii Trust board as well as public peers.

For more information or to apply for a grant online, visit the Arts Grant Page.

Please contact the arts committee member in your area to discuss your art project prior to applying to the program.


Michelle (Ooka) Pineault - Chair


Sheila Karrow
p. 778-260-0279

  • Award winning artist and teacher, Sheila Karrow lives with her two children on Haida Gwaii in British Columbia. After completing her degree in Fine Art and Education, Sheila spent several years teaching high school Visual Art and English. After ten years of full time art making, Sheila returned to educational studies earning a Masters degree in Art Education and is currently teaching at Sk'aadgaa Naay school where she continues to share her passion for imaginative learning with young children and adults. Her carefully rendered images in acrylic and watercolour reveal the intensity and interconnectedness of life. The soil is filled with details of roots and new plants; and in looking deeper, one can see an abstraction of form.

Barb Rowsell
p. 250-637-1025

  • I am a fibre artist with many years’ experience in the local art community. I think that all forms of art are important for society but particularly so here in this place that is so beautiful and has such a long artistic tradition.

Reg Davidson
p. 250-626-3764

  • I am a self-employed artist for 40 years. I have worked with galleries, museums and private collectors. I have my pieces throughout the world with private collectors and museums. I have worked in the arts most of my life, I am willing to share what I have learnt beyond my apprentices.

Vincent Collison
p. 250-626-3606

I have sat on Art Juries for the Canada council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, VANOC, and the First Peoples Cultural Foundation. As a member of these various juries it has been a tremendous learning experience.

Jack Litrell


For more information or to apply for a grant online, visit the Arts Grant Page.