Q) I have forgotten my password

A) If you have forgotten your password you can use the "forgot your password" link to request a reset password link be sent to the email associated with your account. The "forgot your passord" link is located under the Login tab at the very top right of the home page. 


Q) I have forgotten my username or don't know which email is associated with my account

A) Contact the Gwaii Trust office at info@gwaiitrust.com or by phone at 250.626.3654 if you have forgotten the username or email associated with your account


Q) I can't save or submit my application

A) This is likely due to either a) not all required (*) fields have been filled out, or b) you have forgotten to check the "I agree" box. Your application won't save or submit unless all required fields are filled out. You can type any characters in the field and edit later if you are unable to complete the application in full in one session. 


Q) I have received this error: "Sorry, you have failed the security test. Please ensure that you have javascript enabled and that you refresh the page that you are trying to submit."

A) This error message indicates that the site has logged you out due to a time out error or use of the back button. The most common reason for receiving this error message is attempting to submit or save an incomplete application, resulting in an error message and then attempting to go back to the application. You will need to refresh your page and fill out the application again.

If your session has been active too long, you will be automatically logged out. To prevent losing your data  save your draft (making sure all required fields are filled in). 


Q) My application "timed-out".

A) The application will time-out if your session is active too long. Please ensure you save the application as a draft if you cannot finish within 30 minutes. 


Q) I submitted my application but did not receive a confirmation email

A) First check to see if the email is in your junk or spam folder. If not, your application may still be saved as a draft and will need to be submitted. To access your draft applications, login to your account and bring up your applications in progress. These applications can be found in the Application Centre under the Grants tab.