In 2018 Gwaii Trust has budgeted $3.85 million for grants that continue to enhance all aspects of Island life: youth, education, economic development, the arts, community innovation, events and more. It's about quality of life – together, we're making Haida Gwaii an even better place to work, live and play.

If applying for an Educational Grant (Post Secondary Institution Tours, High School Bursaries, Gwaii Trust Youth Leadership Award, Continuing Education Grant, School Food Grant) please visit EDUCATIONAL GRANTS.

Youth Centred Communities Grant

The Gwaii Trust Society Youth Board is pleased to announce the Youth Centred Communities Grant. The intent of this grant is to provide a predictable source of revenue for the operation of youth centres and youth activities in each community on Haida Gwaii. 

Vibrant Haida Gwaii Communities Grant

The Gwaii Trust Society Board of Directors is pleased to announce the Vibrant Haida Gwaii Communities Initiative. This program has been established for the purpose of providing Gwaii Trust funds to community projects that support the maintenance, creation, support and development of necessary community infrastructure as determined by each of the individual communities on Haida Gwaii.

Haida Language Grant

Applications must be received no later than one month before the beginning of your project, unless otherwise specifically stated.

This new program was created in 2014 and has been approved by the Gwaii Trust Board of Directors to address the urgency in preserving the Haida Language. 

Arts Grant

This grant is intended to support the artists of Haida Gwaii in their quest for expression of their talents and includes education, exhibition, mentoring, collaborations, and creation of works including, but not limited to:

  • Performing arts (theatre, dance, music, etc.)
  • Two- and three-dimensional works (carving, painting, drawing, weaving, sculpture)
  • Motion picture production and photography
  • Fiction, nonfiction and poetry writing
  • Projects representing artistic representation of the diverse cultures of Haida Gwaii

Community Innovation Grant

The Community Innovation Grant's objective is to support worthwhile community projects on Haida Gwaii, which may include:

  • Innovative community initiatives, with emphasis on removing barriers to employment
  • Micro-infrastructure projects, defined as smaller tangible capital projects, improving basic facilities, equipment, leveraging technology, services, and/or installations vital for a healthy functioning community
  • Innovative initiatives in education, with emphasis on the trades

Major Contributions Grant

The Major Contributions Grant provides funding for key priority areas:

  • Environmentally sustainable economic infrastructure enabling private sector jobs and business creation
  • Recreation infrastructure and planning
  • Other basic infrastructure
  • Island-wide Governance
  • Emergency preparedness, planning, and education
  • Economic development

Travel Assistance Grant

The Gwaii Trust Society established a Travel Assistance Grant to assist Haida Gwaii residents to travel for educational, cultural, arts, sports and senior events understanding the costs to travel off of Haida Gwaii is expensive. 

Youth Grant

The Gwaii Trust Youth Grant provides funding to organizations on Haida Gwaii who are undertaking unique educational projects and/or services.  Priority is given to applicants that link into youth gathering places, youth activities (recreation, sports, education) and economic development opportunities for youth, and that maximize the number of individuals impacted by the project.