General Grant Information

The Gwaii Trust Society accepts grant proposals on a monthly basis. Some granting programs have fixed allocation dates with set deadlines while others are open year round. Grant applications must be submitted a minimum of one month prior to project start dates and one month prior to a scheduled Gwaii Trust meeting. Exceptions to these timelines are the continuing education, travel assistance and artist workshop programs. Please see the overview of these programs for further details.  

Guidelines are available online for all Gwaii Trust Society grants; however, compliance to guidelines in no way guarantee proposals will be approved. The completion of applications ensures Directors and staff have all available information necessary to make reasonable choices and decisions.The Gwaii Trust Board of Directors may not consider information or supporting documentation received after the allocation deadline in their review of the project proposal.

Approval is at the sole discretion of the Board and staff who manage particular programs.  Successful applicants will be contacted by the Gwaii Trust office within one week of a decison being reached.  Board meeting schedules are posted on our website but are subject to director availability.

All applications submitted become the property of the Gwaii Trust and may be published on their website or otherwise utilized their as the Gwaii Trust sees fit.


Not For Profit Organizations, groups and local governments on Haida Gwaii can apply under Gwaii Trust Programs.  Individuals are only eligible to apply to the Arts Program, Continuing Education Program and Travel Assistance programs.

No projects will be approved if already in progress.

Projects can not receive funding from more than one program or apply to the same program for further funding.

All Gwaii Trust Programs require Haida Gwaii residency of twelve consecutive months prior to application date.


The Gwaii Trust Board of Directors will not support core funding (funding of operational or ongoing day to day expenses or any continually reoccurring programs) in any of its programs. 

Exceptions to this are the Youth Program

The definition of "core funding" is any funds that are used for day to day operational funding. Core funding is alson defined as applicants applying for repetitive grants for the same purpose year after year.


On all projects over $10,000.00 where funding is outstanding in excess of one year, the applicant will be notified via phone, mail or e-mail. The Gwaii Trust office will perform a mandatory site visit and the applicant must submit a shortened reapplication form for consideration to the Board prior to further funds being released.

On all projects less than $10,000.00 where project funding is outstanding in excess of one year, applicants must submit a letter with revised timelines for approval by the Gwaii Trust office no later than the one year anniversary. (Maximum time extension permitted is 180 days beyond the expiration period).

Projects outstanding in excess of one year and not meeting Board approval criteria will automatically be decommissioned, with any remaining projects funds reverting back to the Gwaii Trust.


The Gwaii Trust Society disburses funds for all approved projects on a paid receipt or paid invoice basis after the first 20% advance. Costs are reimbursed at the percentage approved in the original application (for example if the requirement is 50% equity you will be reimbursed for 50% of the receipted costs). 

 20% of the original grant is heldback pending completion of the project and submission of the final report. 

Please see "Instructions to Access Funds" under the Forms section for further details.