Policies and Guidelines


NFP Organizations, groups and local governments on Haida Gwaii.

The Gwaii Trust has utilized the contribution expenditure component to disburse funds to the organizations, groups, and local governments on Haida Gwaii. The term contribution is similar to grant and has specific condition(s) subject to the approval of individual projects.

No part of the Society’s funds or assets shall inure to the benefit of any private individual or personal benefit.

No projects will be approved if already in progress.

All Gwaii Trust Programs require Haida Gwaii residency of 12 consecutive months prior to application date.


The Gwaii Trust Board of Directors will not support core funding (funding of operational or ongoing day to day expenses or any continually reoccurring programs) in any of its programs. 

Exceptions to this are as follows: Youth Program

The definition of "core funding" is any funds that are used for all or a portion of operational finding. Core funding also applies to applicants applying for repetitive grants for the same purpose year after year.


As of September 2010 the Gwaii Trust Society amended the project extension policy.

On all projects over $10,000.00 where funding is outstanding in excess of one year, the applicant will be notified via registered mail, site visits will be accompanied by a shortened reapplication form the project application that must be re approved by the Board in order to advance any further funding.

On all projects less than $10,000.00 where project funding is outstanding in excess of one year (expiration period) applicants must submit a letter of explanation complete with revised time line for approval by the Gwaii Trust office no later than the expiration period. (Maximum time extension permitted is 180 days beyond the expiration period).

Projects outstanding in excess of one year and not meeting Board approval criteria or projects where no contact has been made with Gwaii Trust regarding project extension will automatically be decommissioned, with any remaining projects funds reverting back to the Gwaii Trust.


The Gwaii Trust Society disburses funds for all approved projects on a paid receipt/invoice basis, all supporting documents and any in-kind or matching equity has been confirmed. The approved applicants provide copies of receipts (for expenditures) or (stamp) paid invoices to the Gwaii Trust office and then those costs are reimbursed at the percentage approved to the applicant. The Gwaii Trust allocates a maximum of 20% - 60%of the approved contribution until the project is complete.