Community Innovation Grant


2019 Budget:  $100,000.00
Deadline: Open. Applications accepted monthly or until annual budget is exhausted 
Maximum Grant % Available: 50% 
Maximum Application: $10,000.00


The Community Innovation Grant's objective is to support worthwhile community projects on Haida Gwaii, which may include:

  • Innovative community initiatives, with emphasis on removing barriers to employment.
  • Micro-infrastructure projects, defined as smaller tangible capital projects, improving basic facilities, equipment, leveraging technology, services, and/or installations vital for a healthy functioning community.
  • Innovative initiatives in education, with emphasis on the trades.

Guide to Applicants:

  • Maximum allocation for an organization or single department is $10,000 per fiscal year
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered by the Board. Please ensure that you read the program guide to applicants thoroughly and that you include all required documentation. Please contact staff if you have questions or need assistance.
  • This grant is open to communities, groups, and/or societies on Haida Gwaii; it is not available to individuals, or for-profit organizations.
  • Priority is given to new applicants
  • Applications are accepted on a monthly basis or until the budget is exhausted.  Applications must be received a month in advance of a scheduled allocation meeting
  • Applications must be received no later than one month before the beginning of your project
  • No projects will be approved if already in progress
  • Projects can not receive funding from more than one program or apply to the same program for further funding
  • Key tests: Merit and need
  • No core funding (day to day operational expenses)
  • All projects must be completed within one year from the approval date
  • Projects must be able to demonstrate continued success without further Gwaii Trust funding
  • Administrative costs 10% maximum; but not if the person’s administration of project is a paid element of that person’s employment within the organization applying
  • Facilitators cost maximum $500.00 per day
  • In-kind service rate is calculated at $10.00 an hour unless evidence supportive of valuing the service at a higher rate is provided

Application Requirements

  • Letters of support; preferably, a minimum of two (2) – from unrelated parties
  • Signed cost quotes from all suppliers and other verifiable expenses. (Internet quotes are acceptable for supplies)
  • Food: for the purposes of determining expenses for an application, an amount of up to $30 per person per day is acceptable without a quote. Receipts will be required prior to reimbursement
  • Confirmation of all other income sources, which may include bank statements, confirmation of pending grants and signed confirmations of in kind contributions
  • Meet at least one Constitutional goal and objective of Gwaii Trust
  • Clear process description of all aspects of the project, from start to finish, including final evaluation
  • Clear budget (Spreadsheet recommended) indicating which funding agencies will be funding which expenses in your budget. Income must equal expenses 

Funding Process 

  • Applicants are restricted to one active project per program at a time. Prior to accessing funding for a new project, previous projects must be closed
  • 20% advance upon approval (1st request); balance through invoice matching approved advance; final 20% is held back until confirmation of project completion, and final evaluation documentation is received
  • All advances will be funded upon the receipt of paid invoices, based on the percentage of the project funding approved
  • Applicants are accountable for all finances by submitting receipts totaling entire project cost, not just Gwaii Trust funded expenses
  • All projects approved with an equity component will be funded to the same degree as the equity approved
  • On all projects where funding is outstanding for over one year, site visits will be accompanied by a shortened re-application for the applicant, which must then be approved by Gwaii Trust Board of Directors before advance of further funding
  • All applications and associated support documentation submitted become the property of Gwaii Trust, who may publish the said applications on their web site: or may otherwise utilize their content as Gwaii Trust sees fit


For more information, contact:
Dana Bellis, Project Officer
Old Massett Office Telephone: (250) 626-3654 / Toll Free: 1 800 663 2388
Skidegate Office Telephone: (250) 559-8883 / Toll Free: 1 877 559 8883

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