Haida Parity Grant

Please Note:

  • This is an open grant; funds available until exhausted.

Please Note:

  • Applications must be received no later than one month before the beginning of your project, unless otherwise specifically stated.
  • The Haida Parity Grant Application can be completed at the bottom of this page.
  • This grant is open until all funds have been exhausted.

About the Haida Parity Grant:

  • The Gwaii Trust Society Board of Directors has established the Haida Parity Grant for the purpose of providing Gwaii Trust Funds to worthwhile Haida Community Projects that incorporate Haida Culture, Values and Visions as determined by each Haida Community on Haida Gwaii. The Gwaii Trust Board of Directors will set the budget annually, with the overall disbursement of the 12.3 Million within 15 years. These monies will be distributed evenly between Skidegate, Old Massett and the Council of the Haida Nation.

Guide to Applicants:

  • Projects must include Haida culture, values, and visions.
  • Letters of support – proposals must be supported by the originating community and the letter of support must indicate decision record and the date of the council meeting.
  • This grant supports applications that focus on worthwhile Haida projects that incorporate the Haida culture, vision, and values as determined by each of the Haida communities on island.
  • Allocation split between three groups: Skidegate Band Council, Old Masset Village Council, and Council of the Haida Nation.
  • Equity requirement: 0%.
  • Core funding: not supported.
  • Administrative costs 10% maximum (but not if the persons administration of a project is a paid element of the persons employment within the organization applying).
  • Facilitators cost maximum $500 per day.
  • Cost quotes from all suppliers and other verifiable expenses.
  • Letters confirming all other income sources.
  • Meet at least one Constitutional Goal and Objective of the Gwaii Trust.
  • Clear project process description of all aspects of the project from start to finish – including final evaluation.
  • Funded as 20% upon approval (1st request), balance through invoice matching approved advance, last 20% is held until confirmation of project completion and final evaluation documentation received.
  • This fund is not intended to limit Haida groups, organizations or societies the opportunity to apply to other Gwaii Trust Grants.
  • The Gwaii Trust Board of Directors will not consider any information or supporting documentation received after the allocation deadline in their review of this project.
  • All applications submitted become the property of the Gwaii Trust, who may publish the said applications on their website www.gwaiitrut.com or may otherwise utilize their content as the Gwaii Trust sees fit.

Site Visits:

  • On projects outstanding beyond one year a shortened reapplication is accompanied by a site visit for pre approval by the Board in order to advance further funding.
  • Projects outstanding longer than one year will have site visits and accompanying reports to the Board at least quarterly.

Grant Disbursement Guidelines:

  • The Gwaii Trust Society disburses funds for all approved projects on an invoice basis, once any in-kind or matching equity has been confirmed. The approved applicants provide copies of receipts (for expenditures) or stamp paid-invoices to the Gwaii Trust office and then those costs are reimbursed at the percentage approved to the applicant. The Gwaii Trust allocates a maximum of 20% - 60%of the approved contribution until the project is complete.

Instructions to Access Funds:

First Funding Request:

  • Submit a cover letter.
  • Request for 20% advance, or you could request to wait until project is completed to access any funds.
  • Submit signed conditions form.
  • If your project was approved with conditions, submit those documents as outlined in your approval letter.
  • No funds will be released until all supporting documents, confirmation of all income sources relevant to the project in question, and expense cost quotes from all suppliers, and other verifiable expenses have been submitted to our office.

Second Funding Request:

  • Submit cover letter.
  • All advances will be funded upon the receipt of invoices, based on the percentage of the project funding approved.
  • Less 20% of advance (must submit receipts to cover the advance) though invoice matching.
  • When submitting your invoices/receipts, please number your receipts and use the Gwaii Trust claim form attached.

Final Funding Request:

  • Submit cover letter.
  • After confirmation of project completion, request for final funds – 20% hold back.
  • Submit any outstanding invoices/receipts.
  • Total invoice/receipt submissions must match total project cost (e.g., if your project total cost is $70,000.00, and you were approved for $10,000.00, you must provide $70,000.00 worth of invoices.Proof of expenditures include: cheque stubs, invoices, receipts with stamp paid by your organization.Note: if you are submitting payroll journals, you must attach copies of the cheques.
  • Final deliverables: submit final project evaluation form; submit photographs of the project; submit your one-page final report.
  • Projects outstanding in excess of one year and not meeting board approval criteria, or projects where no contract has been made with GT regarding project extension, will automatically be decommissioned, with any remaining project funds reverting back to the Gwaii Trust.

Further Questions:

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our project officer, Dana Bellis at project.officer@gwaiitrust.com.  Old Massett Office Telephone: (250) 626-3654.  Skdegate Office Telephone: (250) 559-8883.

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