Major Contributions Grant

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2019 Budget: $600,000.00

Deadline:  January 23rd, 2019 4PM

Maximum Application / Equity Requirement:

  • Non-profits projects: Minimum $25,000 application with a minimum of 25% equity requirement
  • Government projects minimum $50,000 application, with a minimum of 50% equity requirement


The Major Contributions Program provides funding for the following key priority areas:

  • Environmentally sustainable economic infrastructure, enabling private sector jobs and business creation, such as energy options studies, tourist trail systems, campgrounds, and extended higher speed Internet access.The Gwaii Trust Board of Directors is prepared to accept applications that deal with a broad range of responsible, and economically developmental, infrastructure, that will benefit all islanders.
  • Island-wide Governance; this area supports projects that induce collaboration between groups or communities, utilizing partnerships where appropriate, and seeking to avoid duplication where possible.Ideally, these applications should maximize local control of economic decision making, for the economic benefit of the entire island.
  • Other basic infrastructure; this area is intended to supplement existing local government programs of a general application, while looking to capitalize upon the long term benefits of sustainable, and socially responsible, initiatives.Areas intended to cover include: ambulance services, health centre construction and renovations, and the construction or renovation of administrative, cultural, educational, governance, and municipal, offices.
  • Recreation infrastructure and planning; this area focuses on supporting the construction and renovation of recreation centres, and recreation programs that plan to meet community needs not met by government programs of general application.Priority will be assigned to those initiatives incorporating youth and/or economic development.
  • Emergency preparedness, planning, and education; projects submitted under this area are intended to support initiatives such as earthquake preparedness studies, the provision of firefighting equipment, and emergency communication networks, both hardware and software, that are not covered by existing government programs of general application.
  • Economic development; projects that focus on removing barriers to economic development, or stimulate the growth of local sustainable employment, beyond that of a temporary nature.

 The following points should be considered by submitting applicants:

  • The Gwaii Trust will provide support to organizations, institutions, and communities that can take the lead in assessing, developing, and implementing, management strategies that clearly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and exposure to climate-related hazards.
  • The project must support jobs that provide a competitive wage.The projects total salary budget must average to a living wage, considered to be at least two times the Provincial minimum wage.
  • Preference will be given to projects that produce and maintain sustainable jobs year after year.
  • Applicants must undertake a duty to consent (where appropriate: ie. Land use initiatives or resource extraction initiatives).

 Priority will be given to proposals that support:

  • Transportation
  • Energy (sustainable green)
  • Collaborative initiatives
  • Partnerships
  • Full time positions must be filled by live in residents within six months

 Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Support on island employees
  • Contain a significant, on island, capacity building component

 Guide to Applicants:

  • Eligible applicants include Haida Gwaii based non-profit organizations and Governments, whereby preference is given to non-profits.Applications including multiple communities are preferred. This program supports applications revolving around all levels of community infrastructure and planning. The goal of these projects should be building safer, healthier, more attractive and desirable communities, respecting and incorporating culture where appropriate, in an effort to enhance everyone’s lifestyle. The eventual goal is to make the communities at large a more desirable place to work, live, play, and visit.
  • In an effort to maximize the benefit of community funding, the Gwaii Trust will be looking for leveraging opportunities, partnership agreements, and collaboration wherever possible.
  • Applicants with matching funding and vigorous outside fundraising will be given due consideration in conjunction with the application’s merit and need.
  • Only applicants that have taken the time to fully research their project, complete their application, work with their area Director and submit their project on time, with all support documents, will be considered. Documentation received after 4:00 PM January 23rd, 219 will not necessarily be considered within the decision process. Missing information will be considered as an incomplete application.
  • The Gwaii Trust Board of Directors will not consider any information or supporting documentation received after the allocation deadline in their review of this project.
  • All applications and associated support documentation submitted become the property of the Gwaii Trust, who may publish the said applications on their web site: or may otherwise utilize their content as the Gwaii Trust sees fit.

 Application Requirements:

  • Non-profits projects: Minimum $25,000 application with a minimum of 25% equity requirement.
  • Government projects minimum $50,000 application, with a minimum of 50% equity requirement.
  • This program cannot be used to leverage any other Gwaii Trust or Athlii Gwaii Legacy Trust funding stream.
  • The key tests for project support are merit and need, as determined by the Gwaii Trust Society Board of Directors. Simply put, projects must demonstrate their merit and their need to the Board.
  • Core funding: Not Available.
  • Administrative costs 10% maximum (but not if the person administrating the project is a paid element of that person’s employment within the organization applying, then no administrative expenses are permitted).
  • Facilitator’s costs maximum $500 per day.
  • Partnerships encouraged and expected wherever possible.
  • May assist existing and supplement government programs but not replace them.
  • Letters of support (a minimum of 2 – from unrelated parties).
  • Confirmation of all other income sources must be provided.
  • Costs quotes from all suppliers and other verifiable expenses must be included in application.
  • Income must equal expenses when completing budgets.
  • In kind professional or specialized fees must make reference to support documentation to confirm rate.
  • In kind of a general nature, or of a labour component, will be recognized at $10 per hour.
  • Clear Projects process description of all aspects of the project from start to finish, including final evaluation must be outlined.
  • This program is not intended to replace Bank Financing.
  • Please take time to fill out the project evaluation form and submit it with your final report. This evaluation form must be completed and submitted with your letter of request for final payment along with photos and receipts. If you have any questions, please call the managing administrator at the Old Massett office.

 Funds are advanced as follows:

  • 20% upon approval (1st request).
  • Balance advanced through invoice matching approved advance plus amount requested, with the final 20% withheld until confirmation and final evaluation documentation is received.
  • All projects approved with an equity component will be funded to the same degree as the equity approved.

Site Visits:

  • Projects greater than $25,000.00 will be subject to a minimum of two site visits, with one occurring at project completion.
  • On Projects in excess of $100,000.00 there will be a minimum of three site visits, with one occurring at project completion.
  • On projects in excess of $50,000.00 there will be some type of recognition posting citing Gwaii Trust as the (or a) funding source.
  • On all projects where funding is outstanding over two years, site visits will be accompanied by a shortened reapplication from the applicant that must be approved by the board in order to advance any further funding.
  • Projects outstanding for longer than two years will have site visits and accompanying reports forwarded to the Board at least quarterly.
  • Proposal, project timeline and cash flow must be complete and accurate. (e.g. if your project total costs $50,000.00 you must submit receipts totaling $50,000.00).


Further Questions:
Dana Bellis, Project Officer  
Old Masset Office Telephone: (250) 626-3654
​Skidegate Office Telephone: (250) 559-8883

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