Vibrant Haida Gwaii Communities Grant

This is an open call-out. Applications are accepted on a monthly basis 
Deadline: the 1st of each month at 4PM

About the Vibrant Haida Gwaii Communities Initiative Grant:

  • The Gwaii Trust Society Board of Directors is pleased to announce the Vibrant Haida Gwaii Communities Initiative. This program has been established for the purpose of providing Gwaii Trust funds to community projects that support the maintenance, creation, support and development of necessary community infrastructure as determined by each of the individual communities on Haida Gwaii. Gwaii Trust defines infrastructure as the basic physical systems of a community: clean water, sewers, transportation, communication, waste management, recreation facilities, and community safety initiatives. In essence, all systems that are vital to a community’s economic development and prosperity.
  • The Gwaii Trust Board of Directors has set an initial four-year budget, which will see the disbursement of $7 Million over 4 years (starting in 2016). Funds are project based, with Gwaii Trust designated communities having access to $250,000.00 per year. Communities may also bank the annual funding commitment to finance a larger project over the four-year period. Vibrant Haida Gwaii Communities Grant completes in 2019. All funds are to be allocated by the end of 2020.


For more information, contact:
Dana Bellis, Project Officer
Old Massett Office Telephone: (250) 626-3654 / Toll Free: 1 800 663 2388
Skidegate Office Telephone: (250) 559-8883 / Toll Free: 1 877 559 8883

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