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Amount Awarded: $5,000
Actual Start & End Dates: May 2015 to August 2015

Full Description:

The Queen Charlotte Harbour Authority Society is pleased to provide confirmation of completion of our Dockhead Improvement Project, with funding provided through Gwaii Trust; and the Village of Queen Charlotte’s Business Façade Improvement grant, a program of the Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT).

Without the support of Gwaii Trust, the Village and the NDIT it would have been difficult, if not impossible to pull this project together.  One of the most striking, and unexpected benefits of this project has been the pride even our resident non-harbour users have for the new “look and feel” of the harbour dockhead.

The Harbour Authority’s vision is for the harbour to be a safe, clean, sustainable and effective resource providing economic, logistical, and recreational benefits to our communities.  The dramatic difference in the façade of the Harbour Office is a clear signal that things are changing, and the docks are poised, looking for new and exciting ways to drive the economy in our communities.