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Amount Awarded: 1, 575.00
Actual Start & End Dates: May 2015

Full Description:

Old Massett Village Council wishes to purchase some equipment, buy the gas to run it and maintain the equipment so that our volunteers can be better equipped to maintain and beautify our cemeteries. With several approaching head stone movings and ceremonies coming up, we feel it is imperative to keep our cemeteries clean, groomed and well maintained to show the appropriate respect that our deceased deserve. In addition we would like to install some benches for community members to sit on while visiting their family's relatives or simply having some quiet time in this place of rest and reflection.

Our needs for this project include the purchase of a grass mower, the gas to run it and other weed whacker equipment, gas for a truck to haul equipment and gas, remove debris and bring in sand and/or gravel to groom the grave sites and a small compensation for our project manager to provide her with work gear and incidentals.