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Amount Awarded: $5,000.00.
Actual Start & End Dates:

Full Description:

The Gwaii Trust Community Innovation Grant was established to assist worthwhile community projects on Haida Gwaii, including, but not limited to: Innovative community initiatives, with emphasis on removing barriers to employment; micro-infrastructure projects, defined as smaller tangible capital projects; improving basic facilities; equipment; leveraging technology; services; installations vital for a healthy functioning community; and innovative initiatives in education, with emphasis on the trades.  Please note that this grant is open to communities, groups, and/or societies; it is not available to individuals or for-profit organizations.

The Gwaii Trust is excited to share a successful applicant’s story from the Gwaii Trust’s Community Innovation Grant:

Haida Gwaii Legal Project Society – Haida Gwaii Law Days 2016.

The Haida Gwaii Law Days event, co-hosted by the Canadian Bar Association and the Haida Gwaii Legal Project Society, offers students and the general public an opportunity to experience the process of a courtroom, listen to valuable keynote speakers, and see justice in action.  This educational event not only provides youth and the public an opportunity to learn more about the justice system, but also gives them the opportunity to witness the careers and endeavours of judges, lawyers, advocates, police officers, sheriffs, and clerks.

Haida Gwaii Law Days increases exposure to both the legal counsel and the justice system, increasing the probability that island youth will pursue a career in a related field, broadening the existing base of legal counsel on Haida Gwaii.  The primary objective of increased exposure to a career with the justice system is to create long-term economic development on Haida Gwaii, by fostering a growing group of island-based legal professionals.

Meghan Wallace, a practicing lawyer in Masset, was the primary organizer behind the event.  Ms. Wallace moved to Haida Gwaii in 2014, setting up her law firm in the Community of Masset.  Since then, she has been assisting islanders with a variety of legal issues.  Ms. Wallace has participated in similar events previously, including mock trials, and was excited to bring this event to Masset. Chief Judge Crabtree, Minister of Justice and Attorney General Suzanne Anton, and White Raven Law Corporation Lawyer Terry-Lynn Williams-Davidson also participated in the event, alongside many other participants.

The Gwaii Trust notes that this project speaks directly to the fulfillment of two Gwaii Trust Goals and Objectives: Assisting in the promotion of education and artistic expression in the community; and assisting in promoting the cultural and economic health of the community.  Also, this event goes above and beyond by providing a rare opportunity to experience the practice of law, engage with the justice system, connect one-on-one with legal professionals, and experience a career in the justice system.

Please Click Here to watch a video of the event.

Thank you,

The Gwaii Trust Team.