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Amount Awarded: $10,000.00.
Actual Start & End Dates: August 2016

Full Description:

Skidegate Saints Basketball – World Indigenous Basketball Challenge and Haida/Maori Basketball Series

"The inaugural HaiCo World Indigenous Basketball Challenge was a huge success. 16 teams from around the world participated in the basketball tournament and each team shared aspects of their culture through song, dance, speechmaking and sharing of ideas and goals.
The Aboriginal High School All Star Game was also a huge success. 20 athletes from around BC took part in this event – learning from the world’s top Indigenous coaches and players.
South Sudan’s National Team won the tournament, beating Native American Pro Team Lords of the Plains in the final. The Maori National Team finished 3rd and our Skidegate Saints finished 4th.
In total, 2500 fans came to watch games and an additional 23 000 (unique) viewers watched games online. All of these online viewers watched commercials promoting Haida Gwaii business and tourism.
Our event was not profitable – in fact we lost money but we have a clear plan to grow the event in the future… we gained valuable experience that will help us plan more efficiently next year.
All 16 teams want to enter again next year and we have dozens of teams contacting us from around the world including the national teams of Botswana, Ghana, Palestine and Cayman Islands.
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Skidegate Saints Basketball–World Indigenous Basketball Challenge and Haida/Maori Basketball Series